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Our Mission

To put quality, age-appropriate books into the hands and homes of at-risk young children before they start kindergarten so they can be ready to succeed in school and life.

Ride to Read 2017 a BIG Success 

You have done it again!!!!  Another successful RIDE TO READ is behind us   --not as many folks attending this time, but all in all- it went well!!!  All of you did your jobs wonderfully well--AS USUAL. 

Participants and new volunteers are always saying to me--"Y'all have this thing organized pretty durn well.  Everybody seems to know what they are doing and it is always a lot of fun. We'll be back next year!!!"  They love the music, the easy registration experience, the well planned ride  designed with safety and fun in mind (thanks again Trinity Riders!), the neat prizes and auction items, great lunch food and delicious baked goods, and lots of very pleasant volunteers to make it all work out well--rain or shine!!      All right!!   That's what needs to happen to keep this event a success.

Did a quick tally of our receipts this afternoon with Tom, Greg G and JM--   Looks like - after expenses, we will clear  over $2400.  That is a lot of books for a lot of "babies" who need them in their hands and homes before they start  kindergarten- ​so they can be READY to learn to read, do well in school and do well in life.  "A young mind IS like jello- you've got to put in a lot of  good stuff  before it sets."  Your continued efforts make that possible.


JeanDean RIF 2017 Scholarship  

It is with great excitement that we are opening applications for the second year for a scholarship available to all former "RIF kids" in Alabama who are high school graduates and plan to go on to higher education opportunities in the Fall of 2017.

The Board of the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. has made the funds available for a $500 scholarship to be awarded to a deserving young Alabamian who received RIF books from the Jean Dean RIF Program.

All applications must be received by May 12, 2017, and the winner will be announced by May 19, 2017. All applicants will receive notice of the winner. The awarding of the scholarship this year is in honor of the 26th year of Jean Dean Reading Is Fundamental, signature service project of the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.
Please make every effort to make this opportunity available to the Jean Dean RIF/Kiwanis “kids” in your local areas who could benefit from this scholarship assistance.

Scholarship Application